The Microbiome is the future of health and is responsible for so much of how you interact with your environment. Science is increasingly showing that the complex relationship between the trillions of cells in your gut can make you healthy or contribute to many diseases. Having this knowledge and taking responsibility for your own microbiome can have a profoundly positive effect on your health and wellbeing and we invite you to learn more about it, take action and have fun.

How do I improve my microbiome

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      One Purify Kit includes 1 Biome Shake, 1 ProArgi-9+, 1 Body Prime, 1 Biome DT, and 1 Biome Actives. Combined, these five innovative formulas are at the core of the one-week Purify program. One kit contains the servings necessary to complete a one-week program. Adhere to the Purify Guide’s product usage and dietary guidelines to Purify and take the first step toward Elite Health.

      This microbiome reset offers the unprecedented ability for the average person to really take control of their own health and address some of the underlying causes that may have been limiting their progress up to this point.
      This is the only system like this on the market and has gone through ethical human trials.
      The Purify Kit is a phenomenal investment in your own health.